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Innovative technology is an integral key to GBM success as the industry-leading building maintenance company.

At GBM, constant innovation enables us to increase productivity, monitor quality more effectively, and develop new ways to meet the needs of our customers.

Our clients can expect quality Inspections and our integrated management system automates and ensures all performance and inspection reporting, instantly distributing that information to our management team through web-based and wireless technologies.

You will find that GBM’s innovative programs provide our clients unparalleled, cutting-edge maintenance solutions.

Also, to set the standards of the industry, we always operate fairly and ethically so that we may continue to have the respect of our customers, employees and competitors.


3255 Wilshire Blvd, #1222, Los Angeles, CA  90010

Tel  213-388-0554  Fax  213-388-6337





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GBM differentiates itself from other firms in the industry by our performance and ability to meet and exceed our client’s specific expectations. GBM provides services according to the contract, but has the following value-added services that exceed our client’s expectations:

  • Complete Carpet Care including interim and restorative work.

  • Hard Floor Care such as strip & wax and sealing of floors including linoleum, terrazzo, natural wood, and quarry tiles.

  • Marble and stone floor care maintenance, polishing, and renovation.- MARBLELIFE

  • Concrete floor polishing, staining, and overlayments - ENDURACRETE

  • Restroom ceramic tile and grout restorations.- MIDAS restoration system.

  • Gum removal on entry ways, sidewalks, and parking structures- GUMBUSTERS machine and high pressure steam machine. 



GBM's bidding price is very competitive. However, please be assured that the competitiveness of our bid in no way compromises the quality of the work performed. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer satisfaction record.


GBM offers:

  • State of the art industrial equipment to minimize downtime and save costs.

  • 24 hour emergency service, 365 days a year.

  • Insured and Bonded workforce..

  • Follow up visits by our representatives/supervisors.

  • Dedication and commitment to environmentally sensitive products and material handling.


GBM - We Give You a 'Peace of Mind'