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GBM takes pride in developing unique flexible cleaning programs for every one of its customers. The staffing for every facility is established after thoroughly evaluating the specifications and surveying the building using scientific work-loading systems.

We make every effort to hire the best-qualified individuals and our employees are trained to always comply with highest-standard personnel practices.

As one of the leaders in outsourced facility maintenance service companies, the people at GBM are well-equipped for the range of services we perform and also the geographical infrastructure.

Call us today to schedule a walk-through for an estimate. Our proposal will have more-detailed information about our management team and our staff.


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Upon notice of contract award, our company will do a complete site review of the property.



A successful start-up plan is based upon establishing good client rapport and developing clear lines of communication, such as methods of report.



To maintain good working relations and provide a responsible service, GBM establishes open lines of communication. We will provide all pertinent telephone numbers of project responsible personnel for service requests and emergencies.



Supply and equipment needs will be specifically determined and purchase orders will be placed with our vendors. Equipment and storage areas will be determined.



When above four steps has been accomplished;

  1. Janitorial crew will meet with the facilities personnel

  2. Tour of the project facilities conducted.

  3. Identify special security considerations and coordinate security and operation procedures.

  4. Inventory all supplies and equipment as received, which are distributes to appropriate areas. Inspection sheet made, if necessary



An overall Project Manager will be appointed and assigned to provide "Contract Management" and act as a single point of contact between the job and GBM. This "Project Manager" will have the responsibility and authority to fully represent GBM on all matters pertaining to a job. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Development and administration of training programs that are updated on a regular basis.

  • Maintaining employee work schedules.

  • Maintenance of quality standards to include positive motivation programs.

  • Review all daily activity and special request reports prepared and submitted.

  • Resolution and/or referral to management of any/all Human Resources concerns or grievances brought forth by employees.

  • Maintenance of conformance with County's Safety and Emergency plans.

  • Development of  a system/process for day porters, in needed,  janitors to inform building management if hazardous or unsafe conditions. 

  • Conduct or coordinate unannounced inspections to ensure personnel’s compliance with all company rules and regulations. These site visit inspections should be done both day and night by management personnel. This includes monthly inspections by on-site supervisors, and periodic site-visit inspections/audits by project managers and contract administrator. 


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