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[Who We Serve]


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GBM is well versed in providing expertise to many government agencies including the city, state, municipal and federal government levels.

We understand the extremely technical and exacting specifications of each of these contracts and provide the management with individually designed work program which is needed to satisfy these agencies.

At GBM, we are involved in government efforts to privatize and outsource services for the purpose of economy and providing superior, quality service.

Our management team have a long history of providing services to government facilities at the City, County, State and Federal levels throughout the U.S.

Our constant effort to improve and upgrade our services, as well as our hands-on approach, has made us a valuable asset to the government sector.


3255 Wilshire Blvd, #1222, Los Angeles, CA  90010

Tel  213-388-0554  Fax  213-388-6337





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In addition to the Knowledge and Skills of applicable various different Government Body Procedures and Policies, the people of GBM possess the following knowledges and skills:


  • Knowledge and skill of supervisory techniques

  • Knowledge and skill of training subordinates

  • Knowledge and skill of the preparation of equipment or material specifications

  • Knowledge and skill of safety rules and regulations involved in maintenance and/or janitorial activities

  • Knowledge of contract languages

  • Skill in communicating both orally and in writing for the most efficient problem-solving

  • Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with customers and the general public

  • Skill in implementing effective safety and training programs

  • Skill in reading and interpreting specific job orders


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